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Niels Hvass

Born:. 07. 1958

Education and networks:

1987 The Danish Design School
1990 Member of the design group OCTO
1992 Member of SE


2007 Rumprisen
2006 Møbelprisen
2006 Red Dot Award
2004 Le Prix de l´esthetique
2003 Nominated for the Bo Bedre award
2000 The GIO (Good Industrial Design – Dutch award)
1998 Georg Jensen award
1997 The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year scholarship
1996 Nominated for the Bo Bedre award
1995 The Design Foundation’s design award
1995 Academy Council Non Nobis donation
 ... Scholarships from the Danish Arts Foundation
 ... Scholarshops from Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond


2009 IMA, Indianapolis museum of art
2001 The Röska Museum, Gothenburg
1991 Danish Museum of Art and Design


2009  SE Dialogue - a chair that is up for Negotiation 
2009  IMA European Design – Shaping the Century 
2009 Second Nature – Danish-Japanese design exhibit
2008  SE Fifty/Fifty in The Round Tower 
2008 Grand Danois Milan
2008  Check Point DKDS  
2007  SE Furniture for when you are old
2006 Niels Hvass - One Off, Normann CPH
2006  Niels Hvass, Danish Museum of Art and Design
2006  SE in Frederiksberg Garden 
2005  World Expo, Japan 
2004  Industrial Icons of the 20th century 
2003 Walk the plank
2003 SE Remix at Trapholt
2003 Biennalen
2001 Danish Design Centre
2000 Danish Design in Poland
2000 Danish Design in Benelux
2000 Design von Nachbarn, Hamburg
2000 Besten aus Nachbarn, Hamburg
2000 Danish wave, China and Australia
1999 Walk the plank
1999 Int. Craft Biennale Korea (by invitation)
1999 Empty Spaces, Munich
1999 Nordic Transparancy, Amsterdam
1998 Design mit Zukunft, Phillip Stark, Cologne
1998  SE Peace is luxury at the Danish Museum of Art and Design 
1997 Design mit zukunft, Phillip Stark, Bremen
1996 Denmark through Design, Chicago Atheneum
1996 Duplica,Danish Architecture Centre
1996 DK Design and Crafts, St. Petersburg
1996 Niels Hvass Design, Danish Museum of Art and Design
1996  SE, Scandinavian trade mart 
1995 Design Aktuelt, Sophienholm Copenhagen
1995 Living Design of Denmark, Madrid
1995 Living Design of Denmark, Barcelona
1995 Danish Design. Product/Process, Copenhagen
1995 Niels Hvass Design, PALOMAR, Milan
1990- 1998 Yearly OCTO exhibits


2004- 2007 Designer in residence at The Danish Design School
2004 Danish Centre for Design Research
2003 Kids design, Japan
1997 Workshops Hong-ik, Korea
1997 Yunsei university, Korea
1996 DiS (Danish International Study Program)
1993-2004 The Danish Design School